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Animink was approached by York to develop a new website for their internal customer base to assist with the purchase of company products at different branches.


York, a Fortune 100 company, is the industry pioneer in building quality home comfort products since 1874. The company has earned many awards for its engineering excellence in building machines with innovative design and user friendly features that help save energy, ensure sustainability and simplify maintenance. York has also been credited for creating the world’s first air-conditioned office building in Fresno, California.


Animink is proud to have partnered with York to create a brand new website with innovative functionalities that facilitates the purchasing of equipment for its in-house customers.


Web Development Charlotte NC – for York

York was poised to grow their business substantially, and because of this, required a centralized platform to manage all internal orders for their regional branches.

Animink’s team evaluated York’s unique requirement and prepared a roadmap to develop an eCommerce shopping website with multiple sub-domains. Catering to the expectations of York, their designers crafted a website with a polished look and feel. Their designers added a modern touch to the website, eliminating the stuffy feel that is commonly associated with industrial websites. Now, the website is elegant, sleek and stylish.


Below are some of the key features that were designed for Yorknow:

  • Created multi-subdomains for nationwide branches to facilitate ordering
  • Responsive web design to improve device accessibility
  • Allows cross purchase of York machinery from different branches
  • Designed shipping options for managing time zone differences
  • Centralised system to handle orders from over 100+ branches across the U.S
  • Created an elegant and sophisticated experience for users with smart navigation


Launching a dedicated website for facilitating in-house purchasing has helped York to increase the national sales of its products. Branch employees can now place orders on behalf of their customers, leading to an increased efficiency in the purchasing and shipping process.


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Yorknow – Website Development