Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

Using email to attract customers is an important part of your marketing strategy. As the world changes around technology and technology changes the world, you need to stay on top of things – leverage the future of email marketing to make the impact you are looking for to generate more leads and raise your business volume.

So, what are the most interesting trends in email marketing that could play a bigger part in your email marketing strategy in 2017?

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More Machine, More Personal

Businesses will be all out to save their time and money. They will latch on to emerging technologies that will automatically create, distribute and manage their email content. For instance, your chatbots can trigger automated emails. They will run automated workflows, send confirmation emails and create newsletter sign-ups from personalised data obtained from the chat session. Wouldn’t you want to get up close and personal with your prospects? Automated emails are important to address the need for a better-personalized customer experience. Search engine marketing for clients in Charlotte or elsewhere will provide you the cutting edge.


So much easier with machine learning
Machine Learning will be a big thing in 2017!  Marketers will leverage machine learning to mine customer data effectively to segment and personalize their email campaigns. Machines will automatically match content to targets after mining through reams of disparate data and content.


Is your email dressed up for mobile?

Research indicates that over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices and the number is expected to grow. People are on-the-go and will access their email via mobile devices. So your emails must be optimised and easily readable on a mobile device. You can use the services of an email marketing company. According to 2016 research, the sweet spot for email length is between 50-125 words for optimal effect. With less space and minimal attention spans, expect email content to get shorter and sweeter.


Power of good content

What will drive content in 2017? Yes, visual content will be super important. So make sure you document a well-researched visual storytelling strategy to disseminate your valuable information through visual media. As businesses try to woo their targets, they will dish out personalised emails that have a conversational tone. Lots of real, honest, write as you talk, feedback-seeking, content. 2017 will be the year of interactive emails. Email interactivity will pull some of the interactions from the landing page into the email. With more interactivity inside the email, barriers to engagement will reduce.


Single customer view – All in one

Go ahead and shoot out your email campaign on social and other channels. Are you leveraging on SMO? Social Media Optimization is considered a huge component of a successful online strategy, and it has emerged as a highly effective online business tactic to build buzz and generate traffic to your site, and in turn, sales. Animink, a social media optimization company, can help you reach your audience in the most efficient manner.

Also, today’s customer is ubiquitous across channels, so channel data silos won’t work well. Companies will use behavioural, demographic, contextual and transactional data across campaigns to get a single view of the customer.  

Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017