Finding the right website design solution for your client.

Imagine a customer asking for design alterations, and you’re pulling your hair out trying to please them with no result? Perhaps this scenario arose because you weren’t briefed correctly in the first place and were hesitant to ask the right questions just in case the client misunderstood it for lack of knowledge and experience? It is indeed important to be armed with the right information to deliver to your client appropriate and efficient solutions. So wear the reporter’s hat at the first client meeting and seek the inside story and other details of the project that you will be expected to deliver. At the end of the day, there are also human factors at play which are driving the client’s expectations. These include his personality and his view of the world.


Note all these and form a still picture of what you will be expected to deliver. Then, go on and write your project design brief, smooth out the workflow, and provide a final product that wows your client. Specifics to ask for before you get-up-and-go with the project’s execution:


Where are you going?

Your client may be the boss, but he may not always be right! Many clients are vague or stunted in what they want to achieve with their website design. “I want a new landing page” – may be only a portion of what he wants or needs. It is up to you to make him think strategically by asking him pointed questions. For example, “What is the existing problem with the old landing page?”, “What does the end product look like for you? How do you see it working? Then go ahead and design to help his business, rather than creating something that looks good but does not function well. Experts in the field handle Web Design Services in Charlotte.



Detailing who your client wants to woo with his new website design is critical. What if you give him a great design which some like while others detest? Chop off this dilemma by finding out in detail who his targets are… Their age group, their nationalities… Their likes and dislikes and education. This detailing will help you paint a picture of the ideal candidate/s, and you can then target your design and content to match the target’s preferences. Be mindful that your client’s typical users and the actual users may be different. You need to keep track of what’s relevant to each audience segment, to avoid alienating any of them with your design. Animink a web design company, in Charlotte, follows this practice religiously.


Dare to Bare

Take that step towards bring your client’ soul, for it will help you save your precious creative energy and time in the long run. Ask him the absolute “must not haves” in the project. Often the client will not have any illustrations or stock photography in his new design. He may insist that your designs are “out-of-the- box” and something he has never encountered before in any form.  In your conversation with him, ask him to show off some styles he would prefer and those he detests. All this talk will give you clearer insight on how to avoid random back-and-forth encounters with your client. You will also be in a position to give your design team an uncluttered and helpful brief.

Finding the right website design solution for your client begins with asking the right questions and also determining the scope of the project to assess if it is a good fit for your team. Creative brilliance is then yours to chase.

Finding the right website design solution for your client.