10 Logo Design Trends to Watch for in 2018

Logo design as an industry is ever changing and trends come and go fast enough to make your head spin. From short-lived trends to classic rules of thumb, many factors affect logo design culture. It certainly doesn’t hurt to seek the help of logo design Charlotte NC experts like Animink to make sure that you are up to date with these trends. Custom logo design services are invaluable when it comes to creating and solidifying branding and corporate imaging and conveying your company’s identity to the world. Below are 10 logo design trends that will dominate 2018:


1. Simplicity – One of those perpetual trends, simplicity holds a strong position when it comes to logo design movements. Minimalist approaches call for clean forms, subtle use of colors, and the reduction or elimination of irrelevant elements that are not crucial to a logo’s overall composition. It is the perfect embodiment of achieving deep meaning with minimum details. Stripping a logo design to the basics works especially well with today’s growing need for cross-platform compatibility and adaptability.


2. Clean shapes – Following the minimalist trend, simple, clean shapes create concise yet powerful visuals that strike a great balance between intuitive symbolism via geometric forms and the straightforward nature of typefaces.


3. Letter stacking – Letter stacking remains a trendy way of presenting lengthy names and catch phrases.


4. Slices – Slicing is a creative use of negative space to give a light and airy feel to the logo.


5. Negative Space – Also a play on minimization, negative space is a great platform for hiding or highlighting meaningful symbols.


6. Experimental texts – From hidden images in text to unconventional fonts, playful typefaces, interchanging letters, kerning, and indentation, experimentation with text will remain a big trend in modern logos.


7. Gradients – Gradients are far from being a tired logo concept. In fact, many breakout logos from 2 to 3 years ago are great examples of memorable gradient applications and will continue to present themselves strong in newer logos.


8. Overlaps – Overlapping shapes, colors and texts are also a great technique for balancing forms and shades in a logo.


9. Stamps, emblems, and coats of arms – The previous year saw a great interest in stylized logos made to replicate the look of old stamps, emblems, and coats of arms, along with similar compositions that are placed inside basic shapes.


10. Lettering – With the general public’s restored appreciation for calligraphy, lettering is a resurrecting logo trend to watch out for especially in signboards, banners, and similar platforms.

10 Logo Design Trends to Watch for in 2018