Cady Bag Corporate Website

Cady Bag Company is perhaps one of the most unique companies that Animink has had the opportunity to work with. Based in Pearson, GA, Cady Bag is a vertical integrated manufacturer of polyproplyne fabrics & bags for a wide variety of end uses. Their products include mesh bags for produce, specialty bags, agriculture bags and geotextile fabrics for niche markets.



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Businesses that manufacture pet food, bird seed, and deer corn, as well as minerals, rice and other products depend on Cady Bag to create the strong bags to hold their product from facility to store. Other businesses that provide nuts, shellfish, citrus or firewood depend on Cady Bag to create mesh bags for their products.


However, Cady does a lot more than manufacture bags. They also supply building products and coated fabrics for the manufactured housing industry. Additionally, they have a powerful global sales network that buys materials in bulk and allows their customers to order the materials in smaller quantities, effectively becoming a dependable resource and integral partner.


Cady Bag was in need of a complete redesign of their website. The site needed to behave responsively, and feature their 5 business units:

  • Consumer Packaging
  • Cotton Bale
  • Leno Packaging
  • Building Products & Coated Fabrics
  • Global Sales Network


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The site also features information about the company and an informative blog that is regularly updated via Animink’s website maintenance services division in coordination with Cady Bag. The entire site is wrapped in a design that fits the brand and identity of Cady Bag, with an emphasis on quality, speed, and flexibility. Above all, Cady stands by their clear communication with clients and ‘personal touch’ that ensures a great experience throughout the process of manufacture & delivery.


Animink provides web hosting services & handles all website maintenance services for Cady Bag. We’re also in the beginning stages of performing organic SEO for the company. As with other clients, our first month will be spent performing a full site & company audit to address developmental concerns, optimization issues, and meta data creation. A list of recommendations will also be created for compliance with Google recommendations.

Cady Bag Corporate Website