Senior Safety App – GPS tracker, SOS, Inactivity, and Fall Alert System

Senior safety app

The client wanted to create a simple, easy, yet powerful app for helping seniors remain safe and stay in touch with their family using their smartphone.


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At its core, the app is a GPS tracker, SOS, Inactivity, and Fall Alert System with the primary function to let seniors gain a useful mean to receive help in case of an emergency while giving caregivers a chance to monitor their loved ones and ensure their safety.

Animink began the process by completing evaluating the current needs of seniors and caregivers and developed a core design to introduce relevant features that can help seniors connect with their caregivers when they need them most.  A host of capabilities were built into the app to fulfill this purpose.


Here are some of the ingenious features that were added to the app:


  • SOS Alert
  • Fall Alert
  • Location monitoring with Geofence alerts
  • Inactivity Tracker
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Call, Text, App Usage & Location Logs


The current version features a free version with the ability to purchase the pro version for $4.95/month. The app brings an unparalleled level of functionality, ease of use and capability to extend protective care for your loved one. It lets you monitor your seniors in real time and at the same receive updates directly on your computer or smartphone.


The app provides a chance to the elderly to age with dignity in their own home while reassuring their near ones about their safety and security. Senior Safety App enables smarter caregiving and greater independence at an affordable cost.


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Senior Safety App – GPS tracker, SOS, Inactivity, and Fall Alert System