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Danco is the most prominent name in the plumbing industry and provides over 2000 plumbing repair and replacement parts that have helped customers to accomplish their DIY home improvement jobs.


Animink was approached to redesign the Danco website via a new fully responsive website. The website needed to accurately reflect the brand and also represent Danco in a more current light. The site also required intuitive features such as ‘Find your product’ that helps customers to find the exact product while browsing plumbing parts.


Website Development – Beautiful, responsive and dynamic

Animink began the work by completely re-evaluating the website and developing a strategy to introduce relevant information into the new website. As mentioned, the new website needed some enhancements that allow users on tablets and phones to access information on the site more readily.


The new website now includes intuitive design and features that help customers find parts by answering simple questions. It now also allows customers to create a Wishlist and add projects. The new design also includes a new and innovative feature, ‘How-To-Center’ with videos that experts at Danco, as well as customers, can upload. Not to mention, that the new site now is entirely responsive, and fits accurately on all screen sizes to cater to the requirements of mobile users.


The result was increased numbers to the site, improved customer satisfaction, and a responsive website that renders well on a variety of devices and screen sizes.


Website Maintenance Services – Your Online Partner   

Animink is also tasked with providing ongoing maintenance and web hosting services. Contact Animink for your next web-based project. Our expert team will create a solution specifically for your business.


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Danco – Responsive and dynamic website development