CBA App Development

App Development is one of many services provided by Animink. Cleaning Business Academy reached out to Animink to assist in developing an app for them based on their Jotform online form. The online form was working for them, but was reaching a limited audience, and didn’t allow the flexibility & additional functionality that we required.


App Development – developing for iOS devices
At it’s core, the app is a price estimator, with the primary functionality being to give housekeeping companies the ability to plug in information for a given home to determine the cost to clean it. There are dozens of factors involved in accurately estimating the cost for cleaning a home. An inaccurate estimate can mean loss of profit, or upset customers when presenting a higher cost than originally estimated. The app was created to alleviate these concerns.


The current version features a 14-day trial with the ability to purchase the full app for $29.95. The app allows you to review previously created estimates, or create new ones. The calculator asks for square footage, stories, number of bathrooms, and a host of other questions. The app also allows the user to specify the hourly rate and other variables to more accurately control the estimate. The estimate itself can be emailed to the customer. Animink, a Charlotte web design company, worked directly with the client to work out the kinks and streamline the functionality of the app.


App Development – for iPhones & iPads
A host of additional administrative capabilities were also built into the app to allow CBA to monitor users, edit previous estimates, print, and more. The app is available and functional for both iPhones and iPads. An android version of the app is planned next.


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CBA App Development