Queensborough Bank Animations

Animink, a Charlotte Web Design company, worked in conjunction with Alison South Marketing to produce animated shorts for Queensborough Bank. The animations were designed to promote Queensborough and provide brief information to the viewer.



Creative cartoon animation
The first clip was a :10 station ID running in select Georgia markets. The animation was created using a
combination of 3D software, 2D animation software, and compositing. The concept consisted of the logo incorporating opening doors via the double ‘E’ within the logo. Queensborough bank has a very approachable staff, and the idea was to quickly convey that the doors are open to new clients with banking needs.



Clever concepts for animated shorts
The second clip was created as an insert to a pre-produced :30 Shark Week spot running on The Discovery Channel. The short :10 clip promoted sponsorship of Shark Week via an animation. The concept centered around a shark ‘fin’ swimming through the water, only to reveal that it was the long end of the capital ‘Q’ in the Queensborough logo. The animation was created using a combination of 2D software and compositing. Additional audio was added via Atomic Studios.


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Queensborough Bank Animations