Ecommerce Solution for Velocity Systems

Ecommerce Solution for Velocity Systems

Meet the client:

Velocity Systems provide the highest performing armor solutions, in the shortest amount of time, to the United States Military and Law Enforcement communities. Founded in 2007, the owners have a collective experience of 75 years in manufacturing specialized armor. Their products specialize in decreasing the wearer’s weight load by analyzing each piece of carriage equipment for lighter, but still durable, alternatives and incorporating hybrid designs to meet rapidly changing TTP and environmental factors.



Velocity Systems needed a powerful new eCommerce website solution that could offer a streamlined user experience for both consumer and commercial audiences, while significantly improving their search ranking through a stronger content strategy.  The need for a streamlined, mobile-friendly user-experience was also absolutely critical to their success in the future. Their problem was twofold: build a modern website capable of displaying thousands of products and secondly, market the site with organic SEO and paid search to achieve a positive ROI.



We worked diligently with Velocity Systems to create a secure eCommerce experience for their customers, so they could easily browse, understand, and purchase any of their armor solutions online. After understanding the client’s requirements and security concerns, we decided to develop a Shopify eCommerce web store to help Velocity Systems improve their online presence and increase revenue while strengthening their security measures. Here are some of the features we added to the website that transformed it into a successful eCommerce website:

  • Intelligent content throughout the site to drive SEO strategies and organic search results
  • Created intuitive user experiences for both consumer and commercial audiences
  • Developed product listings to let distributors see the discounted price when purchasing the product.
  • Designed ShadoWorks products that can be seen by specific customers, only after the admin reviews the request.
  • Integrated with UPS & USPS to help Velocity Systems keep track of shipments, easily order packaging supplies, and schedule pickups.
  • Created custom forms for different agencies (federal inquiries, order status, dealer inquiries, general inquiries, Military inquires) to save time and effort to contact Velocity Systems
  • ‘responsive theme’ optimized for any device
  • Custom integrations, shipping options and order management



The new, rebranded Velocity Systems website is highly searchable, intuitive, and responsive. Its interactive gallery with custom search filters makes it easy for customers to browse and view products. The website enables both customers and dealers to search and buy the armor solutions of their choice – the smart search option allows a user to use any product attribute to narrow down the selection of products to find what they are looking for. We streamlined the checkout process, making it faster and easier to make purchases.  Rich content and delightful micro-interactions inspire users to browse as well as buy.


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Ecommerce Solution for Velocity Systems