The Green Mile Club

The Green Mile.


It is the name given to the most treacherous, stunning and exciting stretch of golf on the PGA Tour. The 16th, 17th and 18th holes at the Quail Hollow Club, when their yardage is combined, adds up to a mile, hence the vivid name.


The Green Mile is the place where the Wells Fargo Championship – and the PGA Championship in 2017 – is always decided. And now, there is the Green Mile Club, in which ticket holders will have access to an unparalleled spectator experience.


The new website was created to give a home on the web to The Green Mile. Visitors can learn about The Mile, view images, video, and purchase merchandise.


“We are excited about the physical location of what I believe is the best viewing location in professional golf,” Quail Hollow Club president Johnny Harris told Global Golf Post. “When you get there and can see the players play 16, 17, 18 and it makes you feel like you’re in another sport that’s popular around here and you’re in the infield and the cars are racing around you in a circle.


“The winner will be decided on those last three holes and it’s going to happen right in front of you. With what we’ve done with the Green Mile Club – there are only 300 tickets – I can’t imagine there won’t be a facility like that for the PGA Championship.”


Not only will members of the Green Mile Club enjoy watching the action in front of them, they will also be treated to a gourmet dining experience and their own private merchandise section of the decagonal building that’s now under construction.


The best players in the world will parade by the Green Mile Club each day of the Wells Fargo Championship. And Green Mile Club members will have the best seats in the house.


Animink was challenged with creating a website befitting the prestige of the club. The result? A fully responsive, elegantly designed website and online shop.

The Green Mile Club