Five Reasons To Hire A Web Design Firm Instead Of Using A Template Web Design Site

There are a lot of “do it yourself” web design template sites out there. And for all those non-web designers, it can be a godsend. Not everyone has coding experience and those drag-and-drop template sites can seem pretty appealing to those of us who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. However there are a lot things that web builders/web templates can’t do that web designers can.


The question now is, should you hire a web designer to make your website for you or just use a web builder and build it yourself? We here at Aminink, a Charlotte Web Design company, have five reasons why you should hire us instead of going with one those template web design sites:


1. Customization Equals Conversions – Small changes in the design of your website can increase your sales significantly. Changing that “Contact Us Now” button from green to blue could make it even more noticeable, which can lead to more sales. Doing this on a template based website can be very difficult or even impossible.


2. Originality – If you use a template, your site will blend in with thousands of others. Many of the drag-n-drop sites have a set amount of templates, many of which look very similar to the next. Remember, when you’re marketing your company, you want to stand out from all the rest. Why be forced to choose from a template that a hundred other websites have used in the past?


3. We’ve Got the Skills – A lot of times, the pre-made templates will lack something you need specifically for your website and your business. Trying to get it created/made through customer service can be time consuming and sometimes, fruitless. A web design firm can make you a site that is tailored to the needs of your business.


4. Cracking the Code – If you decide you want to use a template or even build a website on your own, it might not work well across all browsers, or even more important in this day and age: it won’t be mobile friendly. HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript are coding languages that affect how your website functions and displays. Template websites usally don’t give you access to the code at all which can cause major problems.


5. Your Site Isn’t Yours – Don’t get sucked in by “Free” template design providers. In the end, they start charging for hosting or any other manner of services. If you don’t want to pay, it can be a problem. Whether it’s with their company watermarks all over your site or they won’t let you edit your site at all or their whole operation goes belly-up. That can leave you stranded with no way of getting your website back.


Let us at Animink create the site you want. Grow your business online, reach more customers and increase online visibility with Animink, a Charlotte web design company. We are an award-winning web development team committed to providing exceptional online content and superior customer service. Whether you are looking for a web design in Charlotte, or any other area, our passion and creativity will shine through in your next project.

Five Reasons To Hire A Web Design Firm Instead Of Using A Template Web Design Site