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Email Marketing Services

Animink is with you in your Marketing Strategy to drive customers to your website through Email Marketing. Let us help you create a successful email marketing program to drive awareness of your brand and traffic to your site. We’re an email marketing company with experience in just about every industry.


We’ll help you design your emails to create interest and interaction. Clear calls to action and proper website landing pages assist with the proper user flow. Combine your email marketing campaign with social media to really heat up lead generation.


Email Marketing Services – Considerations

As we work with you through your email marketing campaign, there are multiple facets of the process to consider.
Easy subscription process: Why force users to fill out a lengthy form when all you really need is an email address? Or start with email and then ask for a couple more bits of information. Overall, simplicity and a painless barrier to entry are key.
Give your audience a heads up: Your audience should know what they’re signing up for? Is it a monthly state-of-the-union, or a ‘deal of the week’? A little bit of information up front goes a long way. As an email marketing company in Charlotte that also provide websites maintenance services, we’ll be sure to integrate this into the signup page on your site.
Welcome emails: Just signed up a new subscriber? Great! Let’s be sure an automated email goes out welcoming them. We may even offer a special deal or promotion just for taking the time to sign up.
Scheduled mailings: We’re going to need to track each email that is sent out, and establish a schedule for sending your newsletters out regularly.
Mobile!: As you may already know, 2015 was a tipping poiint for the web. Traffic from mobile devices (phones & tablets) now makes up over half of internet traffic, and that number is rising. You’re going to need to leverage a company with email marketing services that considers the responsive aspect of email newsletters for mobile devices.
Tact & Tone: You don’t know know when or where your audience will be at the point that they receive your newsletter. It’s important to keep things casual and drive interest based on your product or service.


As you can tell, there are a lot of moving parts in the process of email marketing services. When considering an email marketing company, it’s important to weigh all of these factors.


Consider Animink as your primary email marketing company on your next email marketing campaign.