Professional Logo Design Service


Custom Logo Design Service – Where to Begin

How do others identify with you? How is your brand perceived? A lot can be said of your company through the simplest, yet arguably most important component of your brand: your corporate logo. Animink provides custom logo design services to complement your business.


Your logo encompasses so many aspects of your business, and is not something that should be taken lightly. It creates an instant connection with your audience, and should convey the general attitude of your company at a glance. A professional logo design company should be leveraged with experience in design.


In addition to offering web development services, Animink can give you a corporate facelift by creating a new professional logo design that helps the world properly identify with your business. It’s amazing how many times we are presented with a project, and the corporate logo for the client doesn’t properly convey their business, and generally misses the mark in terms of design.


Our logo design services in Charlotte NC begins by learning more about what your business is, what it does, and how you’d like the personality & attitude of your business to be conveyed. As you use our custom logo design service, we will discuss color, style, and a host of other variables.




Professional Logo Design Company – Things to consider

  • Keep it Simple: Your logo will likely be seen on a huge variety of digital screens at various resolutions, outdoor advertisements, business cards, and other print material. In the process of our logo design services, care will be taken to keep the design of your logo as simple as possible.
  • Vector graphics: This may sound a bit foreign to you, but your logo should be designed in such a way that it can be produced in vector form. This allows your logo to be scaled to any size, unlike a photograph or ‘raster’ image that can lose quality as it gets larger. A representative from our custom logo design service department will assist in providing this to you.
  • Fonts selection: This is another very vital part of your logo. If text is part of your logo, then a font should be chosen that accurately reflects your business and feels like an extension of the rest of the graphics in the logo. In many cases, modifications are made to the text, or custom text is created to satisfy the requirements of your professional logo design.
  • Color: You’ve heard it all before. Reds stand out, blues recede. Some colors are neutral, some are very bold. Singular colors, or a combination, may be needed to design the right logo for your business. As a leading logo design company in Charlotte, NC, Animink will guide you through your color options.


Logo Design Services – Do’s and Dont’s

– Don’t create your logo yourself. Hire a professional logo design company for custom logo design services.
Do be sure to explain your expectations of what you’d like to see in your corporate logo as you leverage our custom logo design service.
Don’t demand photography in your logo. It won’t translate well to most applications. Use our expertise in logo design services and take our advice in the design process.
Do consider a vertical AND horizontal version of your logo for various applications.


The creatives at Animink make a point to take all of the information gathered and begin the design process of your professional logo design. We’re here as a logo design company, and a partner in your business.


We, a Charlotte logo design company work with you, utilizing your ideas to create an end product that is high quality, unique, memorable, and fully reproducible for all your business needs. With our logo design services in Charlotte NC, you will discover a beautiful custom logo that’s all your own.


Reach your target audience and impart the right brand message with our custom logo design services.


Looking for a new logo for your company? Let’s talk.