Digital Marketing Charlotte NC

To harness the power of digital marketing in Charlotte, NC, you must engage with an experienced web-focused company. Using digital marketing you can reach out to a targeted audience and get the satisfaction of measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign vis-à-vis the dollars spent. At Animink, a stalwart Charlotte based web design company, we can help you leverage the supremacy of Internet technologies to advance your product or sales messages to a targeted audience.

What makes a digital marketing campaign a success?


A robust website

You can’t be looking for more business at trade shows or other events if you don’t have a robust website to back your credentials to prospects. Potential customers would be wary of doing business with someone who doesn’t even own a website. And there’s no excuse for not having one. If you are selling products, you would want online sales, and if you are a service company, you would want to profile your services with a goal of roping in more customers. You will be seen as a savvy up-to-date company if your website is truly responsive and accessible over phones, tablets and laptops.  At Animink we ensure that your site is well designed to maximize interest and is fully optimized for organic search.


The SEO impact

The second stage of building a strong website is Search Engine Optimization, which is to generate online business using relevant keywords. SEO is essentially the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid for results. SEO is impacted by on-site and off-site information that makes your company more relevant to what you do, thus increasing your rank in search engines. At Animink, we have a team of dedicated specialists who stay current on the SEO trends to bring you maximum exposure that is pertinent to your industry. We are the digital marketing experts in Charlotte NC.


Use Pay-per-click to draw website traffic

While you are waiting for your organic search to take off you can draw instant website traffic using Adwords, Google’s form of pay-per-click. At Animink our expert pay-per-click team will optimize your Adwords campaign, and maximize the return of your dollars spent. With conversion tracking we quantify what we call ‘smart goals’, a specific customer response that is valuable to your businesses. We can show you on a weekly basis exactly how much you’re spending, and how it is creating business for you.


Social Media

While the above elements are the larger part of the digital marketing machine, social media, online reputation management etc. are also important. According to LinkedIn, there is an overabundance of “Social Media Experts” yet few businesses really seem to be setting the social media world on fire.A social media campaign that knows who it’s targeting, the voice and persona it is portraying and what it is sharing will almost always find success.


A vigilant eye
As a web development company, Animink strategically manages how your dollars are spent. Working in tandem with you we will only put your wealth in areas that are spinning money for you and move away from those which are non-lucrative.


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