AI Generated Garbage Pail Kids Cards for a new generation

Garbage Pail Kids were all the rage in the 80’s. I remember collecting them (still have them!), I got in a little late and never owned any of the 1st series, but I remember the feeling of tearing open a new pack. 


But as you know, they weren’t just trading cards. They were a cultural phenomenon. Inspired by the popularity of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, these twisted and irreverent characters captured the imaginations of kids everywhere. I definitely spent time with friends, trading cards, comparing collections, and laughing at the outrageous artwork and pun-filled character names.


I think one of the things that made GPK cards stand out more than anything was the slightly irreverent, and often controversial names and graphics. Would they survive today? Probably not. 



With the magic of AI, we decided to see what Garbage Pail Kids would look like in this day and age. Animink hasn’t shied away from a future with AI, in fact we have embraced AI tools to provide incredible AI Software Development solutions.


Starting with Chat GPT

So we started in Chat GPT, and asked it to give us some names and descriptions of Garbage Pail Kids that would fit with recent events and times. Keep in mind, we didn’t make these up, Chat did! 


We then fed the names and descriptions into an AI image generator. It took a bit of tweaking on the prompt, but we were able to come up with some pretty convincing card art. 

So… Here’s our Top 20!




Hosting virtual hangouts and game nights became her only connection to the outside world, her body wasting away as she is a withered version of her former self.




Refusing to remove his mask even in non-pandemic situations, he became a pariah in his community, his face twisted and deformed from years of confinement, his identity lost to the world forever. 




Spending his days at the computer, his reign of terror expanded across the internet with no end in sight.




His addiction to taking selfies drove him to dangerous lengths for the perfect shot, body twisted and contorted as he chased the fleeting promise of online fame.




Spends all his time gaming and dreams of becoming a professional esports player.




Spends hours on skincare routines, meditation, and yoga.
(Sam does not seem to like having his picture taken :))




Raises awareness about environmental issues and leads neighborhood clean-up efforts.




Cautiously scared of the pressures of society, he brings his trusty emotional support animal with him everywhere he goes.




Mastering the art of attending classes from bed proved to be his downfall when he fell asleep during an important exam, his body discovered days later, a victim of his own laziness.




Always vigilant about online security, uses encrypted messaging apps and two-factor authentication for everything.


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More about Animink further down, but let’s get back to the cards!


Did You Know

Created by Art Spiegelman and Mark Newgarden, Garbage Pail Kids were originally conceived as a parody of the wholesome Cabbage Patch Kids. Little did they know they would become a sensation in their own right.




Always searching for the trendiest restaurants, and Instagram-worthy dishes, she is constantly shoving burgers, fries, and drinks into her mouth.




A tech-savvy kid whose pockets are always filled with various cryptocurrencies.




Obsessed with collecting and trading digital assets, he has become partially digital himself.




Believes in every conspiracy under the sun, from lizard people to flat earth.




She is permanently infatuated with reality TV to the point that she stares at multiple TV’s and cannot look away.




Binges every TV show and movie available on streaming platforms.



#4 – VEE R

He has played VR for so long, the headset has begun growing around his face.





A character whose superpower is always finding the strongest WiFi signal.




Makes everything from scratch, from homemade cosmetics to furniture.




Obsessed with the theory that the Earth is flat, he constantly studies and looks for supporting evidence to his claim.


And there you have it! Our Top 20 favorite AI generated Garbage Pail Kids. I hope you had as much fun looking at them as we had ‘making’ them.


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In Closing

As I reflect on the nostalgia surrounding Garbage Pail Kids, I’m struck by the enduring appeal of these iconic trading cards. They were more than just pieces of cardboard; they were portals to a world of imagination and irreverence, a testament to the power of creativity and humor.


As I close the lid on my childhood collection of Garbage Pail Kids cards, I’m reminded of the joy they brought me all those years ago. And while I may have moved on to other pursuits, there will always be a special place in my heart for those twisted little characters. Here’s to the Garbage Pail Kids – may they continue to delight and disgust us for generations to come.


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AI Generated Garbage Pail Kids Cards for a new generation