Liquid Rhyno – Website Development for Leading Drain Care Products

Meet the client

Throughout the company’s history, it has devoted time researching and developing drain care solutions for customers. Its products, Liquid Rhyno Drain Opener and Build-up Remover, are UL tested and said to be more effective than other leading brands at dissolving hair and drain build-up, making them the market leader in offering affordable prices, effective drain care solutions. Danco, the largest plumbing repair, replacement, and remodel supplier in the home improvement industry, powers Liquid Rhyno.



DancoTM, a leading home repair and replacement parts supplier to major home improvement retailers, launched Liquid Rhyno. The client required a digital ecosystem that informed their audience, explained the value proposition, boosted brand recognition, and drove sales. They wanted to design a website for the new company with a Content Management System that guides customers through their product offerings and allows them to buy products through external links, coupled with all of the features and functions that a brand requires for a site in today’s online marketplace. Simply put, Liquid Rhyno required an online experience that reflected the high quality of their drain cleaning solutions.



Using Liquid Rhyno’s brand guidelines, we designed the website’s look and feel to be consistent with the rest of the marketing materials. After laying out our strategy, we began designing Liquid Rhyno’s new website based on what we had learned. The color palette, typography, and imagery we chose during the design phase all blended together to create a site that felt confident and appealing. Our UX experts started with ideas and turned them into extensive wireframes accounting for the entire user journey: from the login page to offering varied product sizes to the new and improved Knowledge Base. Here are some of the features we added to the website:


CMS-driven WordPress website:  We designed a unique website using the WordPress content management system. WordPress allowed us to customize the website infrastructure to meet the exact requirements while making content management, updating and editing simple for administrators of all skill levels.


Responsive Design: We created a responsive website to ensure consistency across devices, browsers, and screen sizes.


Facilitate buying with different sizes: Each size variation has its own Amazon and Walmart purchase links and its own product description.


Knowledge Base: We built Product Ingredient Disclosure, Safety Data Sheets, and Directions of Use for each product page, creating a vast knowledge base.


User-friendly: Intuitive site architecture and navigation allow easier browsing and a more frictionless experience.


Blog section: We added A Blog Section To Establish Liquid Rhyno As An Authority In Their Field.



The website launch proved to be immediately successful for Liquid Rhyno. Going from a bare-bones presence online, we successfully delivered a website with a clear path forward and detailed, visually pleasing, and engaging pages. The modern aesthetic combined with strategic visual content provides a simple and pleasing user experience. Functionality like the store locator, design inspiration photos and videos, and extensive product pages have created a lasting impact on visitors since launch.


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Liquid Rhyno – Website Development for Leading Drain Care Products