Redesigning the website for Solomon Park

Redesigning the website for Solomon Park

Meet the client:

Since 1984, Solomon Park has been supplying laboratories across the globe with the highest quality frozen serum and frozen plasma products. Solomon Park Laboratories offers some of the world’s most accurately calibrated hematology products. The lab specializes in providing frozen serum and plasma with known levels of lipids and various other analytes.



As a leading research lab, Solomon Park is known for supplying laboratories across the globe with the highest quality frozen serum and frozen plasma products. As they like to say, their services set them apart from the competition. Unfortunately, it was not the same with their website. Their website had been around for some time, and several of its design elements appeared dated. Also, the website’s navigation and structure was hindering visitors from accessing necessary information along with the outdated content that was detrimental to the website’s success.



After thoroughly understanding Solomon’s expectations and goals, we were able to strategize the UX strategy and created the preliminary architecture of the site. During the UX Strategy phase, we developed wireframes to plan out an optimized user experience. After identifying and testing any potential issues, we prioritized the most crucial features that would make Solomon successful from day one. Here are some of the features we added when we redesigned the website from scratch:

  • Responsive theme: We used a custom WordPress theme that is a clean, modern and responsive design that lets us build an exclusive website for Laboratory, Research, Bio Research and all types of research laboratory related websites.
  • Shop: The eshop displayed prices in multiple currencies to increase the pool of potential customers. Smart buying options also allow users to place an order using their CDC Lab ID number.
  • Better navigation: Improved navigation and customer relationship across services, products, and blog sections.
  • Chatbot: Introduced chat bots to manage, assign, and resolve support requests instantly and automatically.
  • Content Strategy: Optimized content that will be picked up by a search engine, while ensuring that the content is accurate, concise, unique, and fresh.



The new Solomon Park is a much stronger testament to their intellect. It’s easier to explore the services offered, learn about the research lab, find information about products, and design an easy way to buy LPS kits. The resource areas also feature improved navigation, so visitors can quickly find critical information.


At Animink, whether you need a big change or a small one, our website redesign services will help you to revive your online presence. Contact us today.

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Redesigning the website for Solomon Park