Web Design Technologies that Can Help You Manage Your Business

When most companies think about a web development company, they immediately think of websites. It’s common to consider this as the primary, and perhaps only service of a Charlotte web development company. However, there are a host of other services that can be provided that go far beyond just website design. We would like to present some specific examples here for your consideration.



Web Development Charlotte NC

Charlotte, NC is known as ‘Race City’. Animink works with multiple race teams and sports marketing companies in the Charlotte area, and have developed not only websites, but also web design technologies that allow these companies to more effectively manage their business. One of the sports marketing companies we work with writes the pre-race, qualifying, news, and post-race reports for multiple drives every single race week. It’s quite a task to manage who is writing what. Animink developed an online system for the marketing company to track this, as well as monitor the status of completion for each document per driver.



Web Development Company Charlotte

Another sports marketing company in Charlotte often works with young drivers to groom them as they transition into a higher racing series. Animink assisted in creating a grading scale for the drivers such that the marketing company can track who is a better contender as their abilities develop. This allows them to see at a glance which drivers are best qualified to move up.



Charlotte Web Development

One of the race teams in Charlotte that we work for has leveraged our web design technologies directly within their race shop. They wanted a ‘virtual guestbook’ that would allow visitors to sign in. The form also allows the user to opt in to future correspondence via email. This digital method not only allows fans to enter their name at the shop, it gives the race team a way to immediately engage their fans on the web. And although these particular companies are located in Charlotte, we’ve helped many others when it came down to web development Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, or San Jose, CA.



Minimizing Downtime

Another client is in the business of transport. They can’t afford for any of their vehicles to be offline for any duration of time. They have their own garage for repairs, however the vehicle typically can’t be looked at until it’s back from its’ trip. Then it has to be put into a queue, parts are ordered, the repair is made, and can then get back on the road. They needed a web development company to assist in creating a solution for them. Animink developed an online system that allows the vehicles’ driver to fill out an online form with the suspected issue, and even submit images if applicable. By the time the driver gets to the garage with the vehicle, the part has already been received, and the vehicle is already in the repair queue. The program saves this company thousands of dollars every month.



Business Efficiency

One other client wanted to get rid of their entire paper process for Purchase Orders. Going digital would not only save them time, but also the headache of tracking everything from a physical standpoint. The new digital system allows a user to submit a purchase order with item details. This is then automatically emailed to the approval department. It is then approved or denied, and the employee that created the purchase order can then generate a pdf that can be printed or emailed. The entire process is tracked, and includes a history of all previous purchase orders.



More Than a Charlotte Web Development Company

These are just a few examples of the many ways that web design technologies can not only increase business efficiency, but also save money for your company. Take a long hard look at the processes that take the most time within your business. What day-to-day operations can be automated, or streamlined via a digital approach allowing you to make the most of your time each business day? Contact us any time, let’s talk about how we can help your business run optimally.

Web Design Technologies that Can Help You Manage Your Business