Team RSMG Website by Animink

RSMG approached Animink for the 3rd iteration of their website. The challenge was to bring something fresh to the brand, and convey the creative approaches that they take with their clients via a new look for their front-facing site.


Charlotte Web Design – Unique Solutions for a Unique Client
RSMG is well-known for their unique approach to representing clients & brands. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about their methods and solutions. They’re very much against being put into a box, and so the challenge of creating a website for their brand that ultimately would be viewed within a box was indeed a challenge. Animink’s Charlotte Web Design team spent time meeting with Team RSMG to identify the core components of their brand. It was RSMG that came up with the 3 components of their business that are now identified as: Create. Cultivate. Activate.


The 3 parts represented general concepts for their clients that encompassed the facts that each clients’ needs are unique, growth of their brand is of paramount importance, and each path that is taken presents new challenges that will be met with a team of qualified and experienced representatives that put your brand first.



Web Hosting Services & Custom Web Solutions
From this, Animink began the design process. The entire site was a custom build within the Wordpress platform featuring a prominent home page hero area with immediate introduction to the 3 core components of Team RSMG. Below that, a bit about why Team RSMG is different, some of their clients, and a concise contact form for immediate response. Images were also selected carefully, as Team RSMG now works with clients from all forms of sports as well as non-sport entities.


Other areas of the site were tossed around, including a ‘Services’ section, but Team RSMG ultimately determined that much like their methods, their service list doesn’t really fit in a box. By listing services, it’s assumed that that’s all they do, when in fact they handle much more than that. So the page was nixed. However, an explanation of what they do, as well as an Agency Spotlight section updated quarterly were introduced to provide a glimpse into the scope and breadth of their capabilities.


All in all, the site does a great job representing Team RSMG online, and providing just enough information to urge visitors to reach out. Animink continues to assist Team RSMG with on-going web hosting services & website maintenance services. Looking for a custom solution for your website? Contact Animink today.

Team RSMG Website by Animink