The Century Guild

The Century Guild is an absolutely amazing design studio concentrating on custom one-of-a-kind furniture. Their services in design and creation range from ecclesiastical and corporate to residential.


Their work can be found throughout corporate boardrooms and universities throughout the Southeast, in ecclesiastical settings including St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and in private residences nationwide.


The Century Guild Website by Animink


Charlotte Web Design – for Elegance
Animink, an email marketing company, was tapped to create an online presence for The Century Guild that could adequately capture the beauty and majesty of their creations. ‘Elegance’ was one of our foundational keywords in the design, however it was imperative that the entire site is designed responsively to function on all devices. Each section was individually addressed, and designed according to the exact requirements of Nick & Meredith Strange, owners of The Century Guild.


The 3 main web designing: Ecclesiastical, Corporate Academic, and Residential, each feature amazing works that Nick has created over many years at the guild. The individual areas are very simple to navigate, allowing the user freedom to view each individual project, and dig deeper for more imagery and further details. An about page and contact page were also created allowing the user to learn more, or contact the guild regarding a potential project.


A blog was also created where the client can add newer content, and share their latest projects. Overall, the site absolutely encompasses the elegance that we set out to achieve and properly showcases the amazing work that The Century Guild produces.


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The Century Guild