Benefits of PHP Technology for Your Business Solutions

Benefits of PHP Technology for Your Business Solutions

You’ve probably had numerous clients ask which platform you use to launch websites or software, to which a common answer is probably PHP. PHP and PHP Development Services have proven to be a successful technology that works well for many businesses wishing to launch a website.

There have been numerous publications, most often written by frustrated programmers, highlighting the limitations and drawbacks of PHP and its frameworks. Clients may be hesitant to use PHP for their project, or question if it is the appropriate platform for their needs. The truth of the matter is that 83% of all web services are still being written in PHP today. Why is this?

PHP is open-sourced with an outstanding community, and is constantly upgrading. Each version offers better performance and progress with its frameworks, making it a popular choice for everything from business software development and e-commerce solutions to custom software development services and websites. From startups to well established businesses, PHP is the choice for programming language for a number of practical reasons.

PHP Open Source Nature Provides Cost Saving Websites


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The thing about PHP that wins the loyalty of web developers and IT decision makers alike is that PHP is freely available, requires no licensing or download fees, is open-source, and distributed under General Public License.

In addition to these obvious budget saving qualities, PHP also offers a large and very active international community. There’s no need to invest important resources in reinventing the wheel, as there are hundreds of PHP-based solutions whose viability has already been well tested.

One down side to these advantages is that PHP’s cost saving characteristics can also pose a threat to the success of a project. Because it is so easily available, the threshold for career entry can lead to a reduced quality in the final project making it a top priority to hire professional web development Charlotte services to avoid any potential issues.

Additional Benefits of PHP Technology

In recent years the growth of PHP and its frameworks has been phenomenal, and its popularity within the industry is showing no signs of slowing down and is only expected to keep growing.

Reasons that PHP technologies remain so popular include:

  • Appealing website
    There are so many gorgeous themes and templates with thousands of plugins available to add appeal to your website, which will enhance both the look and quality of your site.


  • Ideal for every business category
    Regardless of the industry you are in, a PHP website gives you the ability to have a top of the line web presence. Whatever your website needs, you can just about do it all on a PHP website.


  • Easily use PHP elements with no code experience
    PHP elements highlight user experience, and offer some of the top UI components to easily accommodate the needs of your website with little to no coding experience.


  • PHP makes it simple to grow business conveniently
    Growing your business has never been easier thanks to PHP. This is especially true when you partner with web design Charlotte NC professional services who will design and strategically build the perfect PHP website to help your business grow online.


Simplicity, cost-efficiency, scalability, compatibility, and user friendliness are the reasons why PHP technology has become, and remained, so popular in recent years. Whether used solely or in combination with other technologies, PHP is ideal for the development of almost any IT project, from small mom-and-pop operations to large online stores and just about everything in between.


It’s ready availability and ease of use, however, can result in project pitfalls so it is always advised to work with an experienced partner for any web development or custom software development services project needs.

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Benefits of PHP Technology for Your Business Solutions