Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Follow in 2018

A recent global digital report from the group, “We are Social” shows that the number of worldwide smartphone users is predicted to exceed 5 billion, effectively discounting what skeptics are saying about the impermanence of mobile apps and mobile app development. With more people accessing the internet for all kinds of productivity and personal applications on their mobile phones, it is clear where software application development trends are moving—toward more mobile app development Charlotte NC. This trend underscores the growing importance of partnering with a skilled mobile app development company to meet the increasing demand for mobile applications.

As a matter of fact, mobile apps have effectively reshaped the average person’s daily routine and means of communication. Fewer and fewer people hail cabs on the street, thanks to the popularity of transport network vehicle services like Uber. No longer do people look to newspaper classifieds to search for places to rent, thanks to AirBnB and similar applications. There is no doubt that mobile app development Charlotte NC is a worthwhile investment. Below are some of the most notable mobile software application development trends that are taking the mobile app world by storm:


  • Instant apps –Instant apps are highly appreciated for their user friendly design. They use less MB on mobile phones while promising better performance. The appeal of instant apps is also based on the fact that they can immediately be accessed without any download or installation required.


  • Wearable apps and more IoT investments – Wearable devices have been on the market for years, but never to the same extent as today. Today, devices like smartwatches and fitness wearables (e.g. Fitbit) are enjoying large market shares. Tech giants are also increasingly investing in IoT devices, which are projected to become the next big thing in the industry.


  • Augmented and virtual reality apps – The year 2018 also saw a great rise in the use and adoption of AR and VR devices, calling for software application development to expand app features to accommodate the unique capabilities of these devices.


  • Mobile wallets – Mobile app development Charlotte NC is also leaning towards the development of mobile wallets and similar types of mobile payment services, thanks to the surge in e-commerce and mobile banking activities.


  • Accelerated mobile pages – Another significant trend in mobile app development is the switch to AMP, which is a stripped down and simplified version of HTML that boasts high performance, faster page loads, accelerated pages, and lower bounce rates for mobile sites.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Follow in 2018